Their best shot?


Lock Haven

It has come to my attention that the folks at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) — the group at Lock Haven University that brought Michelle Malkin in to talk recently — wanted my Nov. 20 letter to the editor, “Night and Day,” taken down from The Express website at www.lockhaven.com.

Reed Cooley, director of public relations for YAL, wanted my letter removed “due to its false, misleading, and defamatory nature.” The basis for his claim? The fact that I called the America’s Foundation their parent organization.

I admit this was an error on my part. On its website at www.lockhaven.com, The Express deleted the part of my letter that was incorrect.

The America’s Foundation is the parent organization of Young Americans for Freedom, not Young Americans for Liberty. However, a quick look at the current YAL website reveals that they list the Young America’s Foundation as one of their strategic partners. They also list the Charles Koch Institute and Americans for Prosperity, a political advocacy group funded by David and Charles Koch.

YAL does not disavow my assertion that they receive Koch funding. I was unable to find YAL’s current funding sources, but I did discover that the Charles Koch Foundation donated over $2.3 million to YAL between 2013 and 2017.

The establishment of Young Americans for Liberty on Lock Haven’s campus is part of a plan begun by the Koch brothers in the late 1990s to effect long-term change in American culture through widespread investment in American campuses.

Their agenda is to build a new youth movement by infiltrating college campuses and perpetrating conservative ideas.

Their hope is that, by exposing students to free-market ideas, they can foster increased public support for a low-regulation economy that will promote their own corporate interests by making it harder to hold corporations like Koch industries (one of our major polluters) accountable.

Today dozens of campuses across the country receive sometimes eight-figure monetary donations from the Kochs and their partners to train students to be what they call “the next generation of the freedom movement.” Read Jane Mayer’s book “Dark Money” to learn more.

YAL also does not deny any of my assertions about Malkin’s talk. Accusing me of defamation could be a way of distracting us from her disturbing message.

I’ll let the readers of The Express decide.


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