Unwanted telephone calls



This concerns the unwanted telephone calls that are turning the average retired senior citizen in this country from their golden years of retirement into a world of intentional, disgusting and deliberate mental abuse because of incessant, abusive phone calls t made daily to our homes.

So far as I’m concerned, these telemarketers are paid to deliberately abuse and annoy everyone that they call.

I can’t even sit down to enjoy the beginning of a new day by having my breakfast and taking the many medications that are required since having open heart surgery at the age of 87.

A personal friend of mine who is a female living alone was recently bilked out of nearly $2,000 by some thief over the telephone. She has not been able to recover. This character pulled the wool over her eyes even though he was in Mexico. Many telephone calls I receive deliberately utter a falsehood such as “the back brace which you ordered is in.”

I have no choice but to tell these telemarketers what they can do with this particular brace.

My profanity toward these unwelcomed telemarketers continues and will keep pace with those who hire the telemarketers to promote their illegal operations.

I think it is time for all people in Pennsylvania and every other state in the union to start shaping up to the higher level of character of our valued senior citizens.

I sure hope that anyone running for a public office on election day is letting their beliefs known.

A plea to our so-called lawmakers: Please do something to prevent telemarketers from harassing people, especially senior citizens, and to bring them to justice when they swindle honest citizens.

More must be done, especially to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Is anyone listening?