What’s going on, Comcast?


Mill Hall

Gentlemen, it happened again!

Recently one night I sat down to watch the 6 p.m. nightly news and when I hit channel 244, which is WTAJ Altoona.

Nothing was there. After several tries I called Comcast, got a customer representative and was told that Altoona had been discontinued in our area … this time with no notice.

The last time – March of 2017 – we got a notice and had to fight to get it back. And when Comcast brought out River Valley Cable Co. we had notice and had to fight.

Are you just checking to see how many really watch this local channel?

I, for one, would like to ask you to let it be.

You being in Philadelphia may not understand that a good amount of LOCAL NEWS on television comes from the Altoona area.

The weather and sports is also more suited for us. The representative told me I get the same news from Channel 4 in Wilkes-Barre, but there is no comparison.

That channel stinks in my most humble opinion. The comparison would be you in Philadelphia getting your news, weather and sports from Pittsburgh. Tell me if you would be happy with that.

I think if you go through with this you will lose many customers.

At least I hope you do!

Please consider doing what is right, put it back in our service area, and thank you very much for your sincere consideration to this request.

Sincerely, a long-time subscriber and triple play payer.


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