Why all the different hats?


White Hall

Veterans Day is near.

You will see veterans from different services wearing hats that portray their service to their country.

Some wear Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force. Some wear World War II , Korean War, Iraq and others.

Then we have Vietnam Veterans.

There are Vietnam Era Veterans who were in the military but were not in Vietnam or near the action.

We have Vietnam Veterans who were in combat and in harms way.

Not very many Vietnam Veterans wear Vietnam Combat Veteran hats as less then 20% of those serving in the Vietnam War saw combat or were in any action.

This doesn’t make them more special: All Veterans are equal and deserve the same respect. They just want people to know they were in combat.

Properly honoring veterans for their service is important to veterans.

They do not want mistaken or to be given credit for service they didn’t preform. For the most part that is true. After Vietnam the term Stolen Valor became popular.This is because many wore hats showing they were Vietnam Veterans and they weren’t.

For whatever reason they wanted to be seen as someone who sacrificed for their country.

Talk to veterans, ask them why they wear the hat they are wearing.

They love to tell their stories.

Veterans Day is their day. Make them feel proud to have served .

Never disrespect a veteran by not correctly honoring their service to this country. They earned that respect! Happy Veterans Day.