Impeach with pizza


State College

Imagine that you’re home waiting for a pizza to be delivered, pizza that you already paid for with your credit card. The delivery driver arrives, knocks on your door, and tells you, “Your pizza is here. That will be $20.”

“What!” you say, “I already paid for that pizza.”

“The $20 is my tip,” he says. “No tip, no pizza.” So, you pay him the $20, because you have hungry family members waiting to be fed, and when he leaves you call the pizza joint and complain–because what the driver did was wrong.

You should not pay twice, and your deal was only with the pizza shop, which hired the driver. Basically, the driver, by holding your pizza hostage until you paid him his cut, has robbed you.

Remember this when the impeachment hearings begin. I believe the President is accused of behaving like that driver — holding up military aid (the pizza) to the Ukrainian government (that money had been authorized and voted on by Congress, with instructions for the Executive to deliver it) — by demanding from the Ukrainian government something additional that benefits the President, and not our country.

If proven true, which testimony to-date seems to be doing, this is a very serious matter.

Call it theft. Call it embezzlement. Call it extortion. You would not tolerate it from a delivery driver, why should you tolerate it in a public official?


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