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The Democrats, other members of Congress and the Left want President Trump out of office so badly they have tried every dirty trick in the book to achieve their goal, in my opinion.

These same people were scheming to remove Trump from office even before he was duly elected. They interviewed individuals behind closed doors trying to get something negative enough in their minds to impeach him.

This is happening without any cross-examination from Republicans of these individuals. The Republican Party could only call witnesses that Adam Schiff approved and they had to be submitted 72 hours in advance of being questioned. How many meaningful witnesses do you think that brought in?

The deep state in Washington is pushing for impeachment because they have no candidates who can beat Trump in a fair and secure election in 2020. The President is exposing corruption in government and trying to clean out “the swamp” and hold all accountable for their actions.

He is making America great again despite their resistance and they despise him for it.

While talking about impeachable offenses you don’t have to look any further than the previous administration. Former President Obama released five of the worst Islamic terrorists from Gitmo for one American military deserter. He gave millions of dollars to Iran while all the while they were chanting “death to America.” Oh, and let’s not forget, “you can keep your doctor.”

Then there was former Secretary of State Clinton with her Benghazi travesty, her Russian uranium deals and her lost emails. Next, former Attorney General Holder and his “fast and furious” blunder. Now we find out about former Vice President Biden and his son’s dealings with Ukraine and China.

The Democrats are making a big deal about a phone call? What a bunch of hypocrites!

Thank God Hillary did not win the election for president. She would have continued the destruction of America that Obama started.

All the Democrats want is total control of your life. One way for them to accomplish this is their desire to abolish the 2nd Amendment and take guns from law-abiding Americans.

How did that work out for the people of Nazi Germany? When you have no defense you are at the mercy of all who wish to destroy you.

When you go to the polls you must ask yourself, what have the Democrats and Congress done for our country the last three years?

They have done absolutely nothing except trying to remove our president from office.

Shameful! We need God to bless America now more than ever.


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