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As a grandfather I felt compelled to send my grand-God daughter, who just recently turned 21 and who lives in the great state of Texas, information that challenges the fake news I believe is broadcast daily on national TV.

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to her. Please understand the following is strictly my opinion:

Dear Atalia,

I’ve enclosed some editorials and a letter that I believe addresses a pattern of deception being perpetrated on our country. Many young people today have little knowledge of civics or history and have been exposed to a constant barrage of leftist propaganda via the mainstream press, such as the New York Times, CNN aka: the “Communist News Network” and the likes of CNBC.

The articles by African/American Professor Walter Williams are especially telling.

Professor Williams is respected by both decent, American-loving Democrats and Republicans. It is only the far left (Communist) and the far right (Anarchist) that criticize his teachings.

As my beloved grand-God daughter I feel it is my responsibility to at least make you aware of the dangers that Socialism represents to the future generations of our children.

Once freedom is lost it is rarely ever regained.

In all circumstances, search for the truth because truth is the light that exposes socialist lies. One only needs to look at how socialism has ruined one of the wealthiest countries in South America (Venezuela) to see the eventual outcome that victimizes a population, once it falls for the false promises that socialists use to fool people into supporting them.

Our country was founded on the principle of individual freedom — not a tyrannical government that seeks to dictate every aspect of our lives via regulations and the fear of prosecution.

If you see any value in what I have sent you, feel free to share it with others so, at least, they can have the opportunity to assess for themselves, the future of our country.

With love! Your Godfather.


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