Democracy and Communism




We’re not the first to notice that America is habitually called a democracy incorrectly rather than a republic for which its flag stands.

But a far graver error consists of characterizing democracy as a perfect form of government for which human imperfection is unfit. Therefore the compromised form of the republic must suffice humanity as an inferior substitute. But that isn’t true.

Democracy isn’t a perfect form of government. Democracy is a bad form of government. And that’s according to Alexander Hamilton. And since Hamilton has been starring lately in liberal New York City, he can’t be all wrong.

This same habitual belief in democratic perfection also proclaims communism to be a wonderful idea and even the ultimate happiness — if only Stalin hadn’t messed it up a bit.

Otherwise, communism would have worked perfectly in Russia, and then like an infectious joy spread endemically around the world. Fortunately for history and humanity, Stalin has been discredited everywhere finally, even in New York City. But that means the left now wants to give communism another chance, this time starting in America.

For example, consider the two partisan impeachment charges against Trump. They should remind informed Americans of all persuasions why they would never want to live in a democracy.

Socrates was also confronted with two trumped-up charges: one, introducing religious ideas not pre-approved by the state, and, two, of corrupting youth. These vague accusations were sufficiently evil-sounding to scare the good citizens of the Athenian democracy into believing Socrates was a grave threat to freedom. Immediately the people convened in an assembly even bigger than the U.S. House.

A few inflammatory speeches were delivered. And then a quick vote found Socrates guilty of treason and abomination. And that was the trial. There was no due process. Socrates had no legal representation. There was no judge or binding legal procedure.

The majority vote of the democracy had been recorded. Guilty! Socrates was convicted. There were no appeals. Socrates was executed.

We can see this same democratic sensibility at play in the U.S. House these days with its aptly named Democratic majority. Trump is deemed guilty solely on the basis of their majoritarian command. And that’s that. And now nothing should delay the justice of his elimination!

Contrast that with Republican justice. There are procedures of due process. There are checks and balances. There are appeals.

It’s unexciting. And it’s slow. But that’s the idea.

The Democratic House can’t giddily convict the president in an impeachment. Democratic vendettas of the House are checked and balanced by the stately Senate. That’s because a republic is designed to slow down the partisan excitements of an incited people lest they act impulsively.

After all, regretting the dead when you’ve mistakenly executed them won’t restore them to life, and that’s even if you award them a posthumous exoneration on engraved parchment suitable for framing.

No republic is perfect, nor for that matter is the universe. But any republic is better than the best democracy. That’s because democracy is an ideal on paper and a disaster in reality.

We can see that with Athens. And we can see it in the House these days where democracy, having already liquidated Trump in its heart, is now openly courting the embrace of communism. Communism is another high ideal on paper and a monstrosity when implemented. That’s because communism adds involuntary economic democracy to democracy’s already dangerous political spontaneity.

The state then has the uncontestable central power to provide everyone with mandatory total happiness. That’s why everyone in the Soviet Union always smiled vigorously in public whenever Comrade Stalin and the Communist Party were mentioned. And that’s why the Soviets exceeded the Athenians in their monstrosities. Communism is democracy on steroids.

Fortunately America is a republic and not a democracy, therefore Trump won’t be democratically eliminated like Socrates was.

And since America isn’t communist, Trump won’t disappear either. But that’s not the end of this sordid democratic affair in the great American Republic. And Pelosi and Schumer know it. We all expect arrests and trials to result from Barr and Durham’s prolonged criminal investigations.

The process so far has been slow just like it should be in a good republic. And the charged Democrats and their swamp colleagues will then enjoy their republican rights of due process and legal representation — and appeals.


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