Democratic wipeout



Any Democratic presidential candidate who runs on a healthcare plan that would force Americans off of their current employer-based health insurance will lose to Donald Trump in November.

Try telling that to a supporter of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Former President Barack Obama warned Democrats against adopting “purity tests” in the presidential primary. Self-styled “Progressives” who used to think Obama and Obamacare were progressive not so long ago respond: “We don’t want purity; we want progress.”

Giving Donald Trump a second term is not progress, in my opinion. It is regression.

It will not mean the passage of a Sanders-Warren version of “Medicare-for All, period.” It will mean goodbye to Obamacare.

It will be goodbye to coverage to pre-existing conditions.

It will mean goodbye to healthcare coverage for those under 26 on their parent’s health insurance.

It will be goodbye to the expansion of Medicaid. It will be goodbye to means-tested subsidies for insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

And it will be hello to widespread sale of junk insurance whose inadequate payments will be picked up by those with insurance.

After having unsuccessfully tried, through the infamous mandate, to force the 15 percent of Americans without insurance to get insurance or pay a fine, will Democrats select a presidential nominee who will try to force the other 85 percent of Americans with insurance off of the insurance plans they want to keep?

Why do Democrats have an inexplicable, mindless compulsion to give the game away when polls indicate they could be odds-on favorites to win if they supported big attainable improvements instead of broadly rejected Pollyanna-ish fantasies.


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