To graduates-associates of Bucktail and St. Joe’s



I have a proposal for the Bucktail and St. Joe’s family associates and everyone with any ties to the Renovo area!

I would like us to reacquaint ourselves annually on a popular community weekend many of us enjoy known as FFF or Flaming Foliage Festival weekend!

Historically it has occurred annually the second full weekend in October as I recall since 1949. At least, that is the first one I recall. Many have shared with me the fact that so many return to their home area for that occasion but miss so many others that were there for that weekend but failed to make connections.

I would like to see that weekend go in another direction also, connecting with the contemporaries I/we have not yet met! If there is an interest I have some ideas that could make that possible while having fun in the process.

Realize the difficulties in organizing your first class reunion! Also realize the complications of organizing your 40th, 50th, 60th, etc.

Now consider if we structured logical “get togethers” throughout the community where EVERYONE is welcome at each of those gatherings that we list and publicize. How much easier to meet up with those you would like to see but have not had the occasion except by chance in the past!

Once we create the format, that could readily occur every year on a very simply structured but informal basis!

Logically the Renovo Heritage group would be in line to offer direction to this program coordinating the activities throughout the area!

I am making preparations to move back to my home in Shintown in the very near future. When that occurs, I would like to get involved with that Heritage group as part of my community participation. I am impressed with their accomplishments over the past 20 years with only nominal resources!

Thanks. Peace and Shalom.


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