Trump’s pro-life achievements



President Trump is readily criticized by the mainstream media during the impeachment hearings, and by letters to the editor.

However, for me none of these arguments contain convincing facts.

The facts that do convince me are certain proven instances where President Trump has unwaveringly defended the defenseless, concerning the unborn.

Here are just some examples:

His numerous pro-life appointments, judicial, as well as within his administration.

His unwavering support for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. His support in denying funding for Planned Parenthood.

His stopping funding for the United Nations Population Fund. His support of legislation to ban abortions at five months’ gestation.

He has reinstated the pro-life Mexico City Policy. He has issued regulations to ensure Title X federal funding does not go for abortions

We did not elect a saint.

We elected President Trump, perhaps because he is not an “insider,” but rather a businessman who I believe loves America.

As I see it, he treats his office as a general whose army is at war with enemies from within and without.

Generals during war have also been criticized for their rough character, but Americans were grateful when they got the job done.


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