A few thoughts



Mexican drug cartels are as dangerous to Americans as Radical Islamic terror groups.

Why has Congress refused to declare the cartels as foreign terrorist organizations?

The cartels have since long ago been beheading hacking people to bits. Tell your representatives to sponsor and pass HR 1700 – the Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act — to combat cartels, plus keep building the wall.

Do anti-gun Democrats know that Hitler confiscated the German people’s guns before he started genocide? Do Democrats think taxing ammo will stop criminals and the mentally ill from shooting people? Do Democrats tell you the United Nations wants to supercede the Second Amendment?

Do Dems tell you many mass shootings happen in gun-free zones, or how many times has a good guy with a gun has stopped a bad guy with a gun? Now along come billionaires like Bloomburg and Steyer. I question their intent regarding our guns and our rights.

Remember, liberals make up facts to suit themselves.


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