Amazing community effort



When a group of local and trail community comes together, it is amazing what can be accomplished. Many of you read the fine article in the Monday, Feb. 17, 2020 Express, talking about the Frozen Snot which took place in McElhattan on Feb. 15, 2020.

What many don’t know about this unique trail event is the efforts of so many to make this happen. It begins with the race Director (currently Luke Ebeling, originally Jeff Stover) who puts the plan in place and secures all the necessary agreements from the landowners. Along with a location to stage the event comes the necessity to insure the event. Arranging timing, “swag” (gifts to participants), securing sponsors, volunteers, and food logistics come next. You get the idea! All of this takes an enormous amount of time, all done for the love of these trail events.

We would like to publicly thank those who give that time, approval, sponsorship like the City of Lock Haven, DCNR, The US Army Reserve Center (and Kim Smith), Little Caesars, Redmond’s Complete Comfort, etc.

A trail event in the middle of the coldest season of the year presents some special challenges — especially keeping the approximately 300 participants and 50 on-course volunteers safe and secure. Training and communication between the Dept. of Emergency Services, First Responders (especially Wayne Twp Volunteer Fire Dept.) and all on-course volunteers is vital. The primary aid station in Zindel Park has been manned from the beginning by the alumni of Leadership Clinton County. In more recent years, the “Bacon Station” has given a much needed boost to keep racers going. The 34 volunteers spaced throughout the 13.5 mile course give aid and much needed encouragement, all the while trying to stay warm for often 8 hours in temperatures in the teens.

The US Army Reserve Center is the location for the Start/Finish line and provides the gathering spot for registration, breakfast, lunch, refreshments and sharing of tales. Manning this location is Jane Kone of Howard and her 24 volunteers. Nothing and no one could be more welcoming after enduring all that our local terrain and weather elements could throw at the participants.

It takes a whole community at its BEST and we THANK each and every one!