Experiment failing



The noble American experiment in democracy, self-government of, by and for the people that has been tried these past 271 years appears now to be catastrophically failing, in my opinion.

The House, having successfully impeached arguably the worst, most dishonest President since W. G. Harding, has watched in dismay as the Senate has dithered and stewed, disallowing testimony in the face of the overwhelming evidence of his guilt, in my view. A trial without witnesses is not a trial; it’s an error, a sham and a shame.

The approximate cause of this fecklessness is the party system. Nothing is said in the Constitution of political parties. They weren’t established until some 40 years after it was ratified. But humans, particularly politicians, are ultimately members of a pack, like chimps and wolves. It’s their nature, whether genetically or by rearing, it matters not. Generally, the self comes first, family second, tribe a distant third and the rest are left to their own. Now, the People are forlorn, the country’s best interests abandoned.

We must all individually band together to reject political dishonesty, malevolence, incompetence and malice aforethought until the ultimate jury, the voters, have their say nine months hence. If you’re registered and fail to vote, remember every nation gets the government it deserves. If you aren’t or can’t register, we must abolish the restriction of the franchise, so that in a free, fair and true election, the odds don’t favor those who seek to impose their constraints upon the results.


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