No sale



Get your AR-15s before an electromagnetic pulse strikes the United States — you will be glad you did. This was the message presented in the Feb. 20 letter, “If the communists invade.”

I have several issues with this letter, mainly its inaccuracies throughout.

Japan did attack America with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and two of the Aleutian Islands. Japan did invade America, they were not afraid of Americans and their guns. They wanted to control the Pacific Ocean shipping lanes. Japan invaded mainland China and had no fear facing the guns and guerrilla tactics of the Chinese or the Chinese military. They had plans to invade mainland America but American victories in the Pacific and push back from the Chinese thwarted those plans. They had no fear of us and our guns.

Switzerland was not invaded by Germany because of the terrain and the fact that the Swiss government had co-operated with German government by recognizing the red “J” on passports issue by the German government for Jewish and they were denied entry into Switzerland. The Swiss government also converted confiscated gold by the Nazis into Swiss Francs enabling the Nazis to purchase weapons and supplies from countries like Spain and Switzerland. There were plans to invade Switzerland but their usefulness was considered more important for the time being.

As far as all Swiss men having assault weapons, that is false. All men are required to serve in the Swiss military. Swiss military men may buy the weapons they trained with but not all do. Switzerland did once have the most liberal guns laws in Europe.

They are not that liberal any more. By all means do read the report from the Congressional EMP Commission. The novel suggested is not a map for what to do. A reputable survivalist workshop would give a more informed literature as to what to expect and to do if such an event happens. A novel while entertaining will only give you a fictionalized account of what could happen.

Many of us do know that AR does not stand for assault rifle. Truthfully if a deer rifle can deliver a more deadly wound and with training a shot gun can deliver multiple shots, why get an AR-15 for your protection against mobs? Do you think the government is not aware of threats from foreign groups in America? Or do you have a problem with “foreigners?” Your letter may have reached the hysterical and the fearful and likely the gullible. Your sales pitch was not very convincing nor very factual.