Senate Republicans now own Trump’s behavior


State College

The Republican Senate acquitted the president. They now own his behavior.

Predictably, Trump is acting like a despot. He has not “learned a lesson” as several massively naive senators declared he would.

Trump’s firing of Col. Alexander Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient with shrapnel in his body, is just the beginning of his deranged campaign of retribution. Vindman, a career civil servant, not a politician, bravely told truth to power, putting the Constitution ahead of his own personal interests.

Trump’s ‘speech’ at the National Prayer Breakfast was wildly inappropriate and pockmarked by foul language. His undignified hour-long rant at the White House and on live TV dishonored the brave Americans who testified in the impeachment trial.

Mitt Romney was the lone Republican statesman. His speech on the floor of the Senate was both moving and inspiring.

He knew he would incur the wrath of our unstable president, put his family at risk, and jeopardize his political future.

Still, he did what was RIGHT.

History will accurately record that, save Romney, the Senate’s Republicans, including Senator Toomey, beholden to the president, betrayed their oaths of office and the oaths they swore on a Bible before the trial began. In so doing, they weakened American democracy and strengthened the power of the unstable bully who occupies the White House.

As we watch what unfolds in the coming weeks and months, know that those senators now own Trump’s despicable behavior. He learned from their cover-up that he can do whatever he wants.


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