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I am appalled as maybe you are, too, about high-level Democrats, including those running for president, who are espousing socialism, attacking our freedoms and the Constitution, our business establishments and corporations, our sitting president, our military establishment and on and on.

The aeriousness of these matters was highlighted by our recent secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who I believe allowed our ambassador and four servicemen to be killed in Benghazi because of a lack of oversight. I  still question what happened to the emails on her private server and how and why the Russians paid her foundaiton a whole bunch of money

Presently, unemployment is the lowest in decades. (I know some people who are unemployed, but they won’t get up before 10 a.m.) Recently we killed one of the worst terrorists in the world.

The stock market is at all time highs. Our President is working hard to get our trade deficit in balance. Nations in NATO are starting to pay their own bills. The border is more secure, Sanctuary cities are decreasing.

The media is printing more truthful news. Our image in the world is much better.

Voluminous regulations are now more realistic. manufacturing is coming back. Nuclear expansion is in check and on and on.


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