What if VA hospital care changes?


White Hall, Md.

There is a movement by many to change the Veterans Affairs hospitals to civilian coverage.

I want you to think about this.

Now if any veteran has a problem they can talk to a veterans advocate who is in most VA hospitals across the country.

If that fails they can always write to their representatives in Congress.

I have been to many VA hospitals over the years. In all of them they take great care of veterans.

They show compassion and try hard to get our problems fixed.

The people working for the VA are very professional, but also human. Like their civilian counterparts, they do make mistakes.

You don’t find most veterans who are being cared for complaining.

There are mistakes, but when compared to civilian hospitals I think they are far less in comparison.

If the VA is changed, who will the veteran expect to be served by and what priority will they given?

Will they be seen after people with Medicare or those with the best employer or personally-paid insurance?

The federal VA system is working and they do a great job. Don’t try to fix something if it isn’t broken.

It has flaws but they can be addressed. Civilians won’t give the great care that we veterans get and deserve!

Money should not be the issue; good care for veterans should!


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