Who are you?


Spring Hill

I know my opinions aren’t going to change any of Trump’s supporters minds but I will not give up trying in hopes that even just one will at least truthfully look at him and see the wolf behind sheep’s clothing.

To call himself the “chief law enforcement officer of the federal government” is something that should scare any sane person.

What I feared from the Republican senators’ acquittal of Trump’s abuse of office have started to come true.

He fears nothing because he knows they will continue to protect him, therefore, he has begun retribution against those who spoke the truth in defense of America and its ideals.

Trump is now acting like the King he wishes to be.

Yes, the economy is doing well but you must remember it was doing well when he took office. He has placed people in power who will protect him at any cost.

We are no longer a Democracy thanks to the Republican Party and its supporters.

I get it. You’re afraid of losing your guns. You’re against abortion.

As a Christian you believe he will rise you up in the government and allow you to integrate with government, even though our Constitution says religion and government are to be kept separate … you know, the separation of church and state.

Because of Trump we have become a divided nation like never before and that is what he wanted and has achieved.

Until we come to realize that in order to be united as a nation once again, we must come to some sort of compromise or we will never again be a “Great Nation.”

We were before Trump, no matter what he says, and hopefully we will once again be a “Great Nation.”

But in order to do that, we must come together and respectfully agree on what separates us as a people. We must learn to accept the differences we as a people are.

White, Black, Latino, LGBTQ, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic or what ever we are. If we would all set down and talk, really talk, I bet each of us would see that we’re not all that different in what we want out of life.

We all just want to be accepted, loved and understood.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We don’t want to to take the guns of responsible, law-abiding citizens. No one wants to deny your beliefs, whatever they are!

A woman should have the right to control her body. If you’re against paying for it with your tax dollars, I’m sure something could be worked out.

There’s always a solution to a problem.

But we must talk to each other in a calm, civilized manner in order to work out our differences. That is all I ask from any person. Be open and honest about what you think and not be influenced by any entity. Just think with your heart and mind together, as one. Once you clear your mind of what has been pounded into it for years, you will be able to think more clearly for yourself. I did and it gave me a clarity like I hadn’t known since I was a child. I can now think for myself and have no doubts of what I want in life, without the noise in the background of somebody else’s voice telling what it is I should be thinking. Try it. If like me, you will be pleasantly surprised and for the first time in a long time, you will see things the way they are supposed to be. Your true self.