Are we overreacting?



I hear people ask, are we overreacting?

I was a shutdown skeptic when this started, but I’m not a skeptic any longer.

More than 7,000 people die every day in the United States, including more than 100 per day from flu during flu season, more than 100 from motor vehicle accidents, and more than 100 from gun violence.

There doesn’t appear to be an uproar about any of that.

It is business as usual.

So how can we justify the radical measures being taken against this new virus?

The problem is that many people are getting sick at the same time with the same disease, needing the same medical resources. Because I retired from a career in the clinical laboratory, I can easily imagine the exhausting hard work and serious risks that health-care workers are and will be facing.

Dedicated medical professionals are being overwhelmed, working in a system driven by a patchwork of predatory profit motives and bureaucratic government bungling.

The system has barely adequate capacity in some places in normal times, distributed very unevenly.

The hospitals will continue to be flooded at unpredictable times and places as the number of cases increases.

Much is not understood about this virus.

It is not like the flu we know.

We are not over-reacting.

We must accept the informed leadership of the experts and “flatten the curve.”


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