Be HumanKIND


Lock Haven

To all of you who are and have been bashing local, small business owners for not immediately shutting down and/or for offering to-go and take out options for their customers: Shame on you!

This is a very difficult, unchartered and scary times for everyone, and these small businesses — the epicenter of our communities — are doing everything they can to keep themselves afloat, to support their staff and to help the communities in which they operate and serve.

Stop yelling at them on social media and on the newpaper website and start supporting them and their decisions any way you can. They are trying to stay in business, trying to support their own families and trying to provide income for their employees to be able to support their families, as well.

If you don’t want to purchase food, drink or other items from a business desperately trying to make something to keep pay the bills during this crisis, then don’t.

But know that that decision gives you no right to bash them, call them names, belittle them or attempt to get other people to boycott them (now and in the future)–in print, online, or in person.

When you do this, you become a cancer that spreads faster than this virus.

Don’t be that cancer … be supportive, be kind, be compassionate and be understanding.

If you can’t do or be any of those things, pretend it’s your family and your business that’s in jeopardy of collapse.

I can only hope and imagine that your perspective and your attitude will change upon looking through the lens differently, and that your eyes will open to what’s going on all around you at this very moment … in your towns and in your communities…

Be helpful, not hurtful.

Be HumanKIND.


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