Don’t lose hope


Lock Haven

We’ll get through this.

That’s the most important message, right now. Remember that — Cling to that thought as the nation deals with the coronavirus crisis. Don’t lose hope; we’ll get through this.

It’s scary, but we’ve been through scary times before. I’ve written about the 1862 fire that destroyed a significant section of Lock Haven. I’ve written about the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic that tore through Clinton County. I’ve written about the 1936 flood that caused millions in damage. I haven’t written about the Polio epidemic of the fifties, and now is not the time, but I’ll get around to that sometime.

All of these were disasters. Many, tragically, took lives. But in each one of these historic incidents, there were stories of heroism, as well. For each of these, Clinton County citizens came together to do their part and help their community survive the crisis. In 1862, property owners opened their homes and businesses, accepting others who had lost theirs in the fire. In 1918, doctors went without sleep or food to treat the sick. In 1936, people got out to help rescue others from the flood. The citizens of Clinton County are historically a heroic bunch, when you look back.

I encourage everyone to do their part now, even if the most heroic thing you can do is sit at home. Stay indoors as much as possible. Check on your loved ones by phone. Above all, wash your hands and stay safe.

We’ll get through this. And one day, far in the future, someone like me will write about the historic pandemic of 2020, and how the people of Clinton County all did their part to survive it.


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