God is good



With this “corona” scare, I find myself truly blessed to have so many friends and neighbors checking on me and offering assistance.

I know God smiles and I do, too. I want to reach out to each of you (too many to name and I would not want to overlook anyone) and gratefully thank you for your caring hearts.

May God richly bless each of you and for all those painfully affected by this pandemic crisis. I trust He is making His loving presence known.

May we not blame our God for these misfortunes in this life, but look to Him to carry us through. “His past mercies are His future guarantees.”

In the closing words to a favorite song, “Every falling tear is always understood, Life is hard, BUT God is good.” — Romans 8: 35-39

Nothing can separate us from His amazing love. In my 87 years, I continue to learn this anew, every morning.


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