Is American Patriotism an illusion?


Jersey Shore

Every sporting event I have attended the past several decades always commenced with spectators standing, removing hats, and singing the National Anthem. This was a tribute not only to those men and women that had served in one of the military branches but also for those that were currently defending our nation. The sacrifice to most of us is minimal as the brunt of service is carried out by a small segment (service members and their families) of the population.

Now a new threat has emerged to disrupt our normal, everyday lives, a virus pandemic. The front line is no longer overseas but on our shores. In fact, President Trump has stated that the fight against COVID-19 is ‘our big war.’ In addition, he compared himself to a wartime President. The personnel fighting this invasion is our medical community (doctors, nurses, nutritionists, etc.). These are our family members, friends, and neighbors. So, when scientists state that we need to take this seriously and make some lifestyle changes to protect these front-line defenders, many of us have balked. It appears that when we are called on to make sacrifices (more than standing for the National Anthem) it is a sacrifice too much to bear.

The stories emerging from Italy detail the extraordinary effort that health care professionals are putting forth to battle this invisible enemy. Out of respect for our medical community’s upcoming fight in the US, please consider listening to the experts, not the charlatans. Yes, it will take a sacrifice.


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