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COVID-19 is here and we may not be able to stop it any time soon. Will it change everyone’s life?

Medical technology may take years to defend us from it over the long term.

Everyone will have to deal with the consequences.

COVID-19’s danger comes from its invisible and highly infectious nature: Once you have it, you may not have any symptoms for weeks while spreading it to surfaces you touch, creating new asymptomatic human vectors in the process. The safest thing to do is stay in your homes. If you must venture out, touch only what is necessary and wash your hands often.

In my opinion, COVID-19 is going to infect about 80% of the population, 20% of whom will need hospital care. Our hospitals can’t handle that.

I think the purpose of quarantine is to make us get sick slower, buying hospitals time to treat everyone. The government is trying to make more hospitals and equipment, but there is a real chance it won’t be fast enough.

Things are going to get ugly. Will we lose access to many of the services we’ve become accustomed to in our lives? We will suffer. We will lose social activities. We may lose deliveries. What about water, food, power, phones or internet?

All that said, we are not hopeless, nor are we alone. Talk to your neighbors. Get contact information for the people around you. Store water and food. Sanitize what you can.

Make sure you, and those around you have plans for if the lights go out or if resources need rationing. Help who you can, and ask for help when you need it. If anything is going to get us through this crisis, it’s going to be humans helping humans. Treat everyone as if they are infectious, but with compassion. Those who are infected aren’t zombies, they’re still people with needs who also just want to get through this. Learning to help at a distance will save lives.

Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourselves. We live in frightening times and nobody is going to help anyone by pushing themselves so far they break down.

Take time to relax, call your friends and family. Take time to play.

We’re all human, we have needs beyond food and water.

What we do in the coming weeks will define humanity for the rest of our lives.

Make our legacy a kind one.


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