Mixed messages



On March 16 I listened to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s order for all non-essential businesses shut down at midnight in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

A difficult, but wise decision to try to limit people’s exposure and slow the spread.

All the headlines and news stories report that Wolf has “ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses.”

Unfortunately, our local representative, Mr. Jeff Wheeland, decided to reinterpret the governor’s words.

When business people called his office for clarification, they were told, “It is not mandatory.”

Do we believe the governor, who spoke the words, or the representative, who chose to “paraphrase” instead of having his staff quote the governor?

If there was ever a time we need the government to speak with one voice to allay fears and rebuild trust in our institutions, this would be the time.

Too bad our representative chose to continue to sow confusion and division.


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