This is real!


White Hall

It is sad that so many people were told by the president that the coronavirus wasn’t a problem and it would go away in the summer. Now he says he knew it was going to be a pandemic a long time ago, before anyone else thought it was. The Republicans say they hate “socialism,” but love the idea of a $1,000 bailout check and getting SSI, welfare and whatever else the government will help them with.

Many are mad that the gun shops closed?

How can a gun help stop the corinavirus?

Why did some Republican politicians sell their stocks before they spoke out about the virus and the impact on the economy? Why won’t Trump take responsibility for his inaction or mistakes about “anything?” Is telling lies the new norm? Is blaming others also acceptable? He tells the lower middle class he is protecting them but takes away their SNAP program. He says he helps veterans but wants to raise their health insurance rates for military retirees and take away their free medical insurance that they earned after they reach age 65? Now he says that we have enough medical supplies for the virus, and we don’t!

When are the people who voted for him going to see him as he really is? A worthless example as a president!


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