Time to come together


Lackawanna County

I’ll try to be as brief and to the point as I can. In my opinion, President Trump and his administration are doing everything they possibly can do to combat this serious COVID-19 virus in America that came to us from China.

It started in China in October or November 2019.

The Chinese government didn’t tell our government leaders and the government leaders of other countries that it happened, and now I believe we have a world pandemic because of negligence by the communist country’s leaders.

In spite of all the divisive accusations and political hay that is being made by America’s mainstream media, Internet social media sites and TV networks about this serious virus situation we now have, as well as all of the political corruption, wrongdoing and scandals we have in America, all of us American legal and illegal citizens should finally come together, put our political differences aside and help all of us as much as we possibly can to overcome the serious situation we are now in.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


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