Winning the war


Lock Haven

This letter and a phone call were previously sent to Fox News for broadcasting a week ago, but no printing or publication was made yet.

The working people are being subsidized by the federal government, but what about us retirees? We went without a cost of living increase for at least seven to 10 years while the lawmakers gave themselves and government employees pay raises and refused us any increase in our checks. Our pensions do not come close to paying our bills.

We Americans are now at war and this idea may be helpful in winning that war. If these American-hating countries like China, etc. want us dead and “death to America,” persist in hating us, we should increase the price of gasoline to them (but not our allies), so it reaches $10 per gallon. If a shirt from China cost $1 and a shirt made in America cost $5, buy the Amercan product always.

If China wants our fossil fuels, double the price we sell it for and see how long it takes to shut down their air-polluting factories and eliminate global warming and pollution. They are the biggest offenders. China may retaliate by stopping shipments of pills to us but our pharmacies and personnel cuold and would be able to make what we need. There are a lot of smarter people than I who could offer other suggestions to win this war without guns.

America was always the first to offer other countries assistance after disasters, but how much aid came to us after devastating fires and floods ravished our country?

Comments are welcome. If necessary, I will mail a copy of this to Rush Limbaugh and every newspaper across our country. Thank You.


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