President Queeg


Cogan Station

If you read “The Caine Mutiny,” or saw the movie, you recognize the reference. The Caine was a minesweeper operational in WWII.

Upon taking command of the Cain, Captain Queeg quickly demonstrated his incompetence.

Of course, nothing that went wrong was his fault. Even when the crew followed his orders, any problems those orders created were the fault of the crew. Hence the eventual mutiny by the crew.

We have a similar situation today. Our President consistently makes pronouncements and then criticizes the results of those pronouncements and blames others for the bad result.

For example, in March 2019, he criticized General Motors for not doing anything with its closed Lordstown plant.

Well, in November of 2019, GM sold the plant to a group that planned to use it for producing electric vehicles.

Then one year later, on March 27, he blasted General Motors for not opening “their stupidly abandoned Lordstown (plant) in Ohio.” Captain Queeg would be proud.

Fortunately, Nov. 3 is coming and in January of 2021, the President will be relieved of his command.


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