Since everybody needs to stay home due to the virus scare, parents should make good use of this time.

Teach them stuff they don’t learn in school.

For example changing a tire on a car, cooking, sewing and for the boys how to build something out of wood using your hands and brain.

What about even putting in a garden in for vegetables to eat during the summer. I as a child was running a table saw on my own at 11 years old and was building things.

At 12, I even had a tree house 20-plus feet in the air and slept overnight in it many times.

Right now is a trial for the American people to prove we can survive anything.

Life goes on and everybody should learn from this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime experience and come out of it better people than before we went into it.

I know I will appreciate life in general more, no matter how bad it gets!


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