Donald Trump has an ability to fool some people. He fooled almost half the voters in 2016.

He fooled Republican senators during the impeachment process. He fooled many into thinking that North Korea was going to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

Did you ever try to fool a virus?

It is now important to have accurate facts to fight this deadly outbreak. That is not going well for Donald Trump.

“We now have 15 cases and in a day or two that will be down to zero.”

How did that work out?

Donald made it through three years without a major crisis. We can now see how absolutely inept this president is as head of the executive branch.

Thank God for the great, responsible governors in this country for stepping up and doing what our president is incapable of doing. Please listen to the experts. Stay home and stay safe.

Donald Trump is not, never has been, nor will he ever be a true leader in my opinion. When faced with tough decisions he is unable to stand up and be accountable. In his own words: “I am not responsible.”


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