A candidate who stands out

Republican voters, there is only one candidate who stands out in the primary campaign for the 25th Senatorial district and that is Cris Dush.

Having served as the state representative for the 66th state House district for the past five years, Cris Dush has the experience and knowledge to get to work immediately on day one for our district with no learning curve required. In my opinion, no other candidate has that level of experience.

Cris also is an honorable man who instructed everyone in his campaign to conduct themselves in a professional manner no matter how negative the opposition got.

A veteran from serving his country in the U.S. Air Force during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Cris shares and fights for our values, supports the Constitution, the sanctity of life and will always protect our 2nd Amendment rights. He has an “A” rating from the NRA.

Voters, ask yourselves, why is one of Cris’ opponents always attacking him with negative ads?

Could it be that individual recognizes that his record as former mayor and current city manager of 10,000 constituents pales in comparison to the achievements of state Rep. Dush, who represents 66,000 constituents?

Republicans, the choice is clear and I know you see it, too.

Vote for the candidate who is a common-sense voice, is a true conservative and who I believe is the most experienced candidate: Cris Dush for the 25th Senatorial District on Tuesday, June 2.


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