Astro turf won’t improve education

We enroll our children in school to get a proper education.

Astro turf won’t improve a student’s education.

Astro turf is not an essential in any public school and school district in Pa. There is only one audit annually of public school’s finances.

This means an auditor basically does a quick glance of a few allowances of expenditures. We the property owner see less. Nobody will ever be held accountable in our state for repeatedly causing hardship and distress for students attending smaller public schools.

What I’m seeing in many school districts in Pa. is not a robbing of Peter to pay Paul. I’m seeing a very bias, nepotism prejudice and eminent domain actions continually practiced.

Our country, our state and our county are dealing with a serious crisis and our school district is discussing astro turf.

Shame on all of you pushing forward with astro turf. Does our school district even know where the materials come from to make astro turf?

Don’t forget many school programs in our state are not mandated.


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