I know Cris Dush

As an introduction, I am the Oliver Township Supervisor in Jefferson County and the Oliver Township Volunteer Fire Co. President. The purpose of my letter is to let other supervisors and firefighters know about a man I’ve had the pleasure of working with for over five years.

Cris is the state representative for Jefferson and Indiana counties. When he took office he’d already been to municipal meetings around the district and sat through them. He was already researching ways to help us before getting into office. One of the first things he did in office was organize training for municipal governments in his district with DCED. The Governor’s Action Tea, COSTARS and others to help us learn how to navigate the systems and meet the people who could actually help us. He’s also been very willing to support us in our grant efforts and tells us whatever support his office is able to provide.

He’s taught our fire companies how to leverage mutual aid agreements to increase the chances of receiving grants. He’s encouraged municipalities to work together to do the same. Cris is a team builder.

Cris has also worked with the fire commissioners office to ensure every fire company that qualifies gets grant applications completed and in time when there is a change in the company’s leadership. Recently, several fire companies did not receive their annual grants and were going to experience some significant issues since their annual fund-raisers were also canceled because of the COVID fallout. Cris investigated and learned the governor had sent the Fire Commissioner’s Office home after declaring them non-essential when there were grants still left unprocessed.

He immediately put pressure on the governor to get that office back to work and it happened.

Cris is also the author of House Bill 2413 which will provide up to $40 million to fire and EMS agencies to cover their losses due to COVID. Cris has earned my support for the state Senate. I hope you will feel the same.


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