Joe Waltz is worthy of your support for 76th House seat

Please join me in supporting Joe Waltz on June 2nd —

Joe Waltz has lived in our region for nearly 50 years, and he understands what matters to us and to our families, including attracting good jobs with decent pay and advocating for business growth in our area.

Joe’s commitment to our community and the residents make him the best choice for the 76th House of Representatives.

As a retired public school educator in Lock Haven, Joe understands how unfunded mandates hurt not only our public schools, but also our taxpayers. He will fight for quality and affordable education for all our children.

Joe supports the need to rebuild our infrastructure, including our roads, bridges and broadband internet. He is also a strong advocate for both a safe environment and for accessibility to affordable healthcare.

The bottom line is that common sense and compromise are the key to getting things done in Harrisburg and that is why Joe has recently been recommended by Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) for the 2020 Primary.

Please join me on June 2 in casting your ballot for Joe. We need to make sure our voices are heard is Harrisburg.

(Mary A. Coploff is president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association’s Central Region (retired).


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