Mandatory mask wearing not enforced?


Jersey Shore

On the morning of May 21, Thursday, as I was walking into the Weis store in Jersey Shore, I noted two young men walking in the store without masks on. When I questioned the Weis employee sitting just inside the door about it, she said that, even though the sign on the entrance stated that “Masks are required by order of the Governor of Pennsylvania,” the store did not turn away people who weren’t wearing one, that she couldn’t even say to them that they were “required.” She continued replying to a couple more of my questions, telling me that no food stores could refuse to serve those not wearing masks, that police could not arrest those that they saw entering the store without masks, that it was not a policy of Weis (or any other food stores) to require them. So, if all this is true, and I have my doubts, what is the point of having the signs posted at the entrances that CLEARLY state that wearing masks is MANDATORY by ORDER of the GOVERNOR?


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