Mistruths and truths

I would like to address the dismay of what many people have told me as I have been going door to door the last couple of weeks. Voters are telling me they are tired of receiving negative ads for the 25th Senate seat race in their mailboxes and on their television screens. I would like to address each issue raised by the negative ads and let the voters decide who is sending the truth.

So let’s dive right in.

Mistruth No. 1: “Cris Dush is wrong on guns.” There have been many ads put out there to make you believe Cris is against the 2nd Amendment. The facts are Cris has an “A” rating from the NRA, which is the highest rating you can receive. Cris is the only candidate endorsed by the Gun Owners of America. Cris is a 24-year Air Force Veteran, worked 16 years as a corrections officer and carried a gun with him at work many days. Does this sound like a man who is against the 2nd Amendment? So why would an opponent send ads that say such untrue things? Because we live in one of the most pro-2nd Amendment districts in the country and if you can get people to believe that a candidate does not support the 2nd Amendment then they would never vote for him.

Mistruth No. 2: “Cris Dush Supports Pedophiles & Sex Offenders.” This is especially disturbing to me and would be to you as well, if it were true. They say Cris supports these people by being one of five representatives to vote no on a bill that ended the seven-year statute of limitation on prosecuting these heinous criminals. Cris voted no because he wanted to make sure that if someone accused you of such a horrible crime, that if the person who made the accusation was proven to be lying, then that person would serve jail time. As we all know, when a person is accused of this crime, whether guilty or not, it causes irreversible damage to a person’s reputation for life. Cris wanted to make sure that if someone was going to make such an accusation that it must be truthful. Does this sound like a man who is supporting pedophiles and sex offenders? Or is this just another twisted truth to try to make you believe Cris is a terrible candidate so you won’t vote for him?

Mistruth No. 3: “Cris Dush is Buddies with Tom Wolf.” This mistruth is almost laughable when you research the truth. Gov. Wolf considers Cris to be a “thorn in the side.” Cris is one of the most staunch defenders of conservative values of those serving in the House of Representatives. So why would you try to tie Cris to Tom Wolf as his buddy? Well that leads me to truth #1.

Truth No. 1: “Herm Suplizio adamantly endorsed Ed Rendell.” When you see this headline about Herm, who has been trying to project himself to be a conservative fighter for you, many of you may rightfully question just how conservative or Republican Herm truly is.

The photograph you have most likely seen on social media of Herm with his arm around Ed Rendell and both are smiling ear to ear was taken when Herm led Rendell through the firemen’s parade during the year Democrat Rendell ran against Republican Lynn Swan in the governor’s race is the absolute truth. This was straight out of the newspaper. If you dig a little deeper you will find that Herm even went to Harrisburg to once again publicly endorse Rendell with several other mayors.

I hope this clears up much of the confusion caused by many of these negative ads. I also hope you will join me in voting for a true man of integrity on June 2, Cris Dush.


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