Public service workers

Fund the front lines: Recovery relies on public service workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how much we rely on working people, including healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and public service workers.

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse at Selinsgrove Center in Snyder County. I am on the front lines of this battle against COVID-19 providing direct care to individuals with intellectual disabilities. They rely on me. I have not been able to stay home and isolate myself. I need to go to work.

My workplace is a publicly funded entity, and I fear the repercussions of lost revenue and budget cuts that will likely result from this crisis. That is why I am urging the federal government to pass significant funding for state, county, and municipal governments, as well as other protections.

If we don’t get the proper funding, my job, and that of countless public servants, including those in emergency services, road crews, sanitation, corrections, parole and probation, children and youth services, healthcare, and more, are at risk, which endangers both the public safety and the economic security of our communities.

Protect workers on the front lines by: 1) Passing an emergency infectious disease standard protecting front-line workers in all states; 2) ensuring all workers get needed PPE and medical equipment like N95 masks and ventilators by compelling the president to fully invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA); and 3) adequately funding state, county, and municipal governments.

Send a letter to your representatives and senators to demand that they fund the front lines so that we can fight the pandemic and re-open our economy. Public service workers are doing their part. Members of Congress need to do theirs.


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