Punishment is eviction?

From the Clinton County Housing Authority.

(1) No congregating in the hallways, laundry room, garbage room or other common area. (Many of the residents are elderly and don’t drive so they use their rec room to visit, do puzzles, play games–have someone to talk to. (That’s been taken away.)

(2) Residents are not permitted in common areas without a mask or the violator will be evicted. (I understand and agree with wearing masks, but eviction?)

(3) No visitors. If a family member or friend comes to see a resident the visitor will be investigated by the local authorities–police. (Last week there was a policeman in the parking lot writing down license plate numbers and taking photos. And the resident will be evicted. Again–eviction–for getting a visitor?)

(4) There is a monitor (whistleblower) on every floor to report if anyone violates these “guidelines.” (Besides being confined to their apartments, they are being spied upon).

The stress, physical and emotional trauma is affecting their health. Everything from depression to a heart attack. Have the residents become prisoners?

Please explain to me that if Clinton County is in the “yellow phase,” which means the stay-at-home order is lifted but gatherings of 25 people or more are not allowed, how can the Clinton County Housing Authority get away with these so-called “guidelines?”

If the CCHA won’t do anything to evict the smokers in the building, which is just as dangerous to those with asthma, how can they say they will evict someone for getting visitors?


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