Support Cris Dush

I received a phone call the other day from my granddaughter, Loren, who lives in Jacksonville, Fla. She asked if I heard about the rumors going around about Cris Dush as a candidate for the 25th Senatorial District. She said “Grandma, how can they say things like that about him when they’re not true?”

That was a very good question to ask.

My grandkids grew up in church with Cris and they always looked up to him and wanted to be like him. Cris is a veteran and I can remember a time when he’d come to church with his uniform on and how the kids couldn’t wait to meet him.

Years later, Loren decided to go into the military because she wanted to serve her country, too.

Cris and Tracy kept in touch with Loren, encouraging her, thanking her and telling her how proud they were of her.

There were some pretty rough times for her, but they were always reaching out; that’s how Cris is.

You walk into a hospital room and he’d be there visiting too, or he and Traci would hang out with 4H kids, at gun bashes and events sponsored by our area volunteer firefighters or benefit dinners.

They are there. He’s been there. He’ll be there.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to support a real hero-lover of God, country and fellow man.

He’s extremely rare and that’s very hard to find these days.


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