The top 10% and the top 1%

What do the very wealthy and super-rich want? They want the federal government to fund a strong national defense to protect their financial interests (oil and other) around the world, even if it increases the national debt for others to pay in the future.

They also want the federal government to have the capability to fund financial bailouts for banks and other financial organizations when the economy tanks. They think that they are too big to fail or go to jail.

However, they want the tax rates on their incomes from capital gains and dividends to be lower than the tax rates on the earned income of working-class Americans.

They want to shift the tax burden from themselves to others with less ability to pay.

They detest environmental, financial and free market regulations that interfere with increasing their profits. They want the government to fund the cleanup of abandoned coal mines, polluted air and waterways and abandoned natural gas wells in the future.

The top 10 percent and the top one percent hate the media and labor unions, and they support right-to-work laws. Incidentally, as union membership declines, wage inequality increases.

The golden age for workers was in the 1950s and 1960s. Free public education and strong labor unions were the reasons.

The well-to-do use their financial resources to control elections and they use their lobbying ability to influence legislation that affects their financial interests. Although power rests with the governed (the majority), it is the educated minority that runs the country.

The very wealthy and the super-rich want to privatize public schools and colleges.

Don’t ever forget what Gov. Tom Corbett and his fellow Republicans did to the smaller, poorer rural school districts in Pennsylvania in 2011 by cutting their state aid. School buildings were closed, faculty, staff, educational programs and extracurricular activities were cut and property taxes were increased to keep the local schools operating. In summary, socialism is for the well-to-do and capitalism is for the poor.

There is one set of rules for the poor and an opposite set of rules for the top 10 percent and the top one percent.


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