Who’s the coward?

Under the “yellow” phase of the COVID-19 lockdown, dentists are allowed to perform a number of procedures as long as the individual performing them is adequately masked and the procedure is performed in a way that reduces, as much as possible, the risk of infection to both the patient and practitioner.

Also, medical personnel are now allowed to perform so-called elective procedures as long as, again, appropriate PPE is worn and suitable procedures are followed.

Both of these activities involve extremely close proximity between the doctor/dentist and patient with the latter often (and in the case of a dental procedure never) wearing a mask.

That said, Gov. Tom Wolf or Secretary Rachel Levine should be able to explain why getting a haircut, when both the barber and customer could be masked, presents an unacceptable risk.

Finally, a recent newspaper headline caught my attention: “Plan for going green still to be determined.”

What?! I learned early in my professional career that a plan without an implementation process and mileposts is no plan at all.

Dr. Levine’s statement says it all: “We don’t exactly know what the metrics are for going green.” Translation: “We don’t know what we’re doing.”

Pennsylvanians have responded magnificently to this crisis but our economy is being destroyed by the Wolf administration’s malfeasance. It should surprise no one that Pennsylvania is being grouped with New York, New Jersey, and Michigan as among the states with the worst responses to this pandemic.

Would it be so hard for the governor to call the governors of Texas and Florida and ask for some guidance? Or is our governor too much of a coward to do so?


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