Are you kidding me?

My husband and I were recently shopping and found a much-coveted box of face masks.

I was thrilled!

And then I read on the back, “Made in China.”

Are you kidding me?

I refuse to buy anything from a corrupt country who single-handedly destroyed our economy. Don’t people realize they are supporting the very country (communist China) that put the U.S. in quarantine for months, caused record high unemployment, killed thousands upon thousands of people, caused small businesses to close, etc.

I don’t think people are aware of who makes the products they are buying.

By the way, the running total that was shown each day on our news stations of those who died of COVID-19 was absolutely horrible but necessary to keep people informed.

But why don’t they have a running total of babies that are aborted each day? And what a disgrace that our government gives lots of money (taxpayer money) to support Planned Parenthood


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