Drew Brees

They made Drew Brees apologize for saying that NFL players are disrespecting my country by not standing for the National Anthem.

This is sickening. One of the few true role models in the league standing up for his country and he has to apologize for it?

Those who are showing disrespect have their constitutional rights because of the people who stood up for our flag and continue to stand.

The real disheartening thing is that it seems like our numbers are dwindling.

I hope and pray that that is not the case. I definitely stand for those who stand up for this land that I love.

Ever since what’s his name started kneeling, I’ve quit watching the NFL and I try to boycott their sponsors.

I was following the standings, but what they did to Drew Brees is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m done.

It is really sad because I did enjoy the NFL.

The “dancing fools” who have no discipline and show no respect for the flag can have the game to themselves.

By the way, let me be perfectly clear, there is nothing racial about this letter. It’s all about loyalty and respect for our flag and our country.

There are other ways to demonstrate besides disrespecting your country. God bless America and please proudly stand up for your flag.


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