Gun rights

In a recent newspaper letter to the editor urging everyone to “wear orange on June 5,” the writer advised she was a member of Moms Demand Action and her group “is a non-partisan, pro-2nd Amendment group which advocates for safe gun storage and common-sense gun laws.”

As a retired federal law enforcement agent, I ask the letter writer to document how her group’s efforts will not hinder honest citizens and disarm criminals?

I spent 26 years on the street arresting bad guys and was never concerned with guns in the hands of honest citizens. I ask the letter writer what laws she thinks will stop criminal acts using firearms?

Most “common-sense” gun laws they propose merely further restrict honest gun owners while never affecting folks who wore my handcuffs in the past.

No gun control law ever made my job any easier!

I will listen to whatever gun control laws Moms Demand Action propose in view of our Constitutional rights. Is their focus on criminals or guns? I would ask how many criminals they will disarm? How many times do they wish to “rehabilitate” gun criminals?

Do they support capital punishment for illegal gun users?

Do the Moms believe a sentence of life imprisonment means life in jail?

If the Moms are aimed at gun-using criminals, I support them 100 percent. If they merely hate guns and want to destroy honest citizens’ gun rights, then they are barking up the wrong tree.


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