Politics and diversity again



During the March, April and May COVID-19 briefings, Gov. Wolf often said if anybody saw any acts of racism to report it immediately. To me this seemed strange for him to say because a virus and racism are different issues. At the same time, West Coast Nancy Pelosi said several times that Chinese-owned restaurants in California and New York would suffer the most economically from the country’s eatery shutdowns.

This statement is peculiar. Next, a CEO from Crayola Crayons announced a new box of crayons coming out soon. They call the new crayons “Colors of the World.” The crayons represent 40 or more skin tones. No word yet if these crayons are being made in Easton or any other state. China is a communist-run nation and, I have to tell you, they make a lot of crayons.

It’s an election year so it is going to get crazy. Some people may panic if they find in an old box of crayons one labeled “coal black.” Should we ask the political folks what to do with the crayon? Joe Biden plans to phase out coal. I say keep the crayon. It may be the only thing in your home that was made in the United States and by an American citizen.

When people tell me our country won’t ever become a corrupt communist nation, I always ask them if they are an idiot, a liar or both. Never underestimate the power of politicians who are filled with hatred and deny their hatred.


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