Voter fraud

Here we go again. It’s getting close to election time so the president is trying to distract people from the terrible job he is doing.

So he dug into his massive vault of lies and brought out one of his old favorites — voter fraud. After the election it drove him up a wall that Hillary got 3 million more votes than he did so he had to find a reason.

Aha! Voter fraud. It just had to be.

So he put Pence in charge of the “Voter Fraud Commission.” It was made up of 11 people, seven of them Republicans, and said: “Fetch me some voter fraud.” Well after a couple months and who knows how much money, “Bad dog.” Not one iota of voter fraud. With what we are going through at this time, mail in ballots are a godsend.

On a different note, Trump has been saying that Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck.

Well let’s take a look at how a genius does it.

On Hurricane Florence: “That was one of the wettest we have ever seen from the standpoint of water.” Talking about the floors of the forest when talking about wildfires with the president of Finland: “They spend a lot of time raking and cleaning their forest.” Saying the noise from windmills “causes cancer.” He told the crowd at one of his rallies: “The kidney has a very special place in the heart.” In his July 4 speech he said during the Revolutionary War that “the Continental Army rammed the ramparts and took over the airports.” I could go on and on.

You can tell how tough he is, a real man who doesn’t have to wear a mask in public because he said he would not look good. Everyone knows the real reason — he is afraid he’s going to mess up his hairdo.


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