We are all one race

It is difficult to watch while the dead are listed, the black people shot by white police and the black and white police killed and hundreds hurt in trying to stop the rioters and arsonists. It’s impossible to sit quiet while the media glosses over a Chicago weekend death toll – 21 shot and killed — and says nothing about the 30 deaths of young black men and women in Washington, D.C. in the first three months of 2020.

The Chicago and D.C. people were not killed by police. Thirteen percent of the U. S. population is African-American, and this cohort contributed 53 percent of known homicide offenders in the U.S. and committed about 60 percent of robberies. Latest data for 2018; from Heather McDonald’s Wall Street Journal article The Myth of Systemic Police Racism. Stores have burned while people crowd the streets. They could march just as well along the streets while allowing them open to ambulances, police, and fire trucks. There’s no point in looting stores in Philly, Minneapolis and any town when so many inner city businesses are owned or run by minorities. Nor is there any reason to kill or injure police while justice is sought for the wrongful deaths of black people.

Justice means lawful trials without regard to skin color. To see justice perverted because of skin color is prejudice. The killing of a black man trying to protect a Minneapolis store and the shooting of a Las Vegas police officer are murders.

A few years ago, a medical problem that seemed insurmountable led me to call 911. The nature of the call brought an ambulance and local police. A policeman advised me as did my son and his wife on a hospital to choose. An earlier hospital visit had not helped. Months later after successful treatment, I saw the officer and thanked him. He said that police do many helpful things that most people don’t know about. He’s correct.

We are all one race. People are homo sapiens, biologically we are human primates. The great apes and monkeys are non-human primates, and humans vary little in DNA makeup from them. Dark, red, white and yellow skinned humans much less.

Two Penn State biology professors spoke to this point a year or two ago.

The word, racist, is now the stuff of grade school name calling. To call all white-skinned people “racist” because of our skin color is the definition of bigotry.

Bigotry on behalf of skin color has lessened over the years but has not disappeared. But the stealing, burning, and violence that go on today Martin Luther King would not countenance.

The falseness of many protesters is made clear by their behavior. They don’t practice social distancing.

We didn’t shut down the country so they could destroy chunks of it. Or create more disease.

Locally two small shops are closing and others hang on by their fingernails.

The events of the last months are as harmful locally as they are nationally.


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