Clinton County by statistics is the second poorest county in Pennsylvania.

These stats are from last year so I really don’t know if they have changed at all or or even changed a little.

I have a few questions. If our county is so poor then why are the gas prices so high? There are many cities across our state charging less than here.

You can drive eight miles up the road and pay less than right here in town or up on Hogan Boulevard. I am hoping the owner of the new gas station on Walnut Street will keep his gas prices at least close to Pilot and TA. We need a break. We need a little price war instead of everyone taking every cent they can get from struggling people.

My next question is, if we are the second poorest county in Pennsylvania, why do we have to pay such a ridiculous price to have our electronics disposed of at the recycle center? I understand surrounding counties do not have to pay a charge to dispose of electronics.

Oh, I know, we live in Clinton County, the second poorest county in Pennsylvania.

My last question is, if we are the second poorest county in Pennsylvania why is our county government so big?

We’re paying out the ying yang in taxes as it is and now since we were hit with the coronavirus I’m very sure the property taxes will explode.

Good Lord, we wouldn’t want the school district to not have the money to pay their bills.

Which brings me to my last remark. We need tax relief. Pass SB76. The Pennsylvania politicians are taking the American Dream right out from under the people they represent. Raise the lousy sales tax to 7% or 8% plus downsize the government and stop stealing from the people. Do away with the perks and stop getting rich off your constituents.

Make it fair all around.


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